Our Team

The Signature Surfaces, Inc. Team

From Showers to Sinks to Countertops, our team crafts beautiful counter tops, sinks and showers in Corian, SileStone, Zodiaq and all of the quality solid surface materials. Interested in a project for your kitchen, bath or restaurant? At Signature Surfaces you’ll discover professional staff, quality products, and great service.

Jacque & Ramiro Martinez

Ramiro Martinez, Owner and Founder
Originally from the Bay Area, Ramiro started his career in the Solid Surface industry in 1984 as a fabricator. In 1986 Ramiro and his soon to be wife Jacque moved to Sacramento and he started working as a fabricator here. He and Jacque were married in 1990 and have had two sons together, whom also work for the company. After many years of hard work and dedication Ramiro, Jacque and the boys have developed a strong family business built on trust and reliability.

The Showroom
Signature Surfaces has a knowledgeable friendly staff to assist you in your materials selection, color selection and design process. We will take our time with you to ensure your decisions are made with complete confidence.

The Fabricators
We have experienced, professional and nationally certified fabricators custom building your new project.

The Installers
All of our installers come ready to start working on your project in a very steadfast professional manner. They are all highly trained and continue to improve there skills.

Our greatest asset here at Signature Surfaces is you, our customer. We realize that without you and your support we would not be where we are today, and for that we thank all of our past customers along with our future ones as well.