They Do That Too?….Yes, We Do.
That’s right; the Low-Maintenance Leaders have some new stuff to share with you…

Rainfall Shower Head
Enjoy the fresh feeling washing over you with the new Rainfall Shower Head. This shower head is made completely from a Solid Surface material and can be made to any size you specify. It can also match the color and pattern in your shower or you can have it custom made in any of the numerous colors and patterns. Being made of a solid surface, there are no internal parts that will rust or corrode. It’s your shower head for life.

Hidden Shower Drains
What, you don’t want to stand on that yucky center shower drain anymore? Ok, we heard you and have come up with a couple of options for this one. Angled Threshold Drain, Hidden Linear Drain and the Center Hidden Drain. Come by and decide which one is right for you.

Slot Drain Sink
Looking for that WOW factor? Check out one of our Custom Slot Drain Sinks for the bathroom. Not only is it a thing of beauty it is very functional. This custom sink comes in a standard version and a ramped version. With the slot drain, you will never worry about dropping rings, toys or anything else for that matter down the drain. And of course it’s another Low-Maintenance product.

Spa Retreat Vanity
The feel of white linen, sounds of a flowing stream in the background and the relaxing feel of a day at the spa can all be yours with Signature Surfaces new Spa Retreat Vanity. Clean and crisp lines offer you all the elegance and comfort of having a spa right in your own home. 100% customizable, so you tell us what your day at the spa feels like.

Bathroom Floors and Baseboards
Why stop the low-maintenance in the shower? Signature Surfaces is now offering you Solid Surface floors and baseboards that are seamless at the shower pan for 100% moisture protection between your floor and shower. Solid Surface is softer and warmer that tile flooring and it’s waterproof for a very long life.

Light-Up Countertops
Night Light, Mood Lighting or just something that is OMG that’s cool. We can light up the countertops edge or the whole enchilada. Perfect for the kitchen, bathroom or an outdoors bar or BBQ area. Residential or commercial.