About Us

Family-Owned for Over 20 Years

Signature Surfaces is a company specializing in Low-Maintenance products. We pride ourselves on delivering your expectations with quality products, expert workmanship and affordable luxury for your kitchen and bathroom. Signature Surfaces has been serving the Northern California area for many years and have been in our current location since 2006.

If you have ever met the owner Ramiro Martinez, you will know he is very passionate about what he does. Over 25 years ago as a young Solid Surface fabricator, Ramiro saw a flaw in the Solid Surface industry. Too many seams or joints, and too much mold to clean. He set out to develop and patented a method to produce a truly seamless product. From the floor in your shower to you walls and corners, now you can enjoy a 100% Seamless Shower.

Today, with thousands of projects installed Signature Surfaces is the Leader not only in Solid Surface materials but in Low-Maintenance as well.  We believe that you deserve the best of all worlds; Beauty, Style, Durability and of course Low Maintenance.

Call or come by our Showroom today for information on how you can get your Seamless Shower installed by the professionals.

 Never clean dirty grout again.
Choose Low-Maintenance, Choose Signature Surfaces