Custom Kitchen Sinks & Countertops

Is your Kitchen stuck in decades past?

The kitchen is the homes central meeting place. We cook, eat, entertain, work and clean in the kitchen.

With as much time that we spend in the Kitchen, it should reflect your personality and taste. If it’s old world classic charm or a contemporary minimalist feeling that you are looking for, we can create your vision.

With our Solid Surface product, we can give you a countertop and sink that is low maintenance, stain-proof, never needs to be sealed like natural stone and can be seamless from the sink drain to the countertop back splashes.

Want the look of stone but not the maintenance of it? Try one of the many colors from our Quartz brands that let you capture the qualities of nature.

Whether it’s subtle veining or dramatic flowing movement quartz gives you the look of natural stone and remains non-porous so you will never have to seal it.

Whether you want to remodel your kitchen to be more functional, more comfortable, or more modern, we can create wonderful changes within most any budget.

Your hardest decision is what color to choose.

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Signature Kitchen Sinks and Standard Sinks

Like our bathroom sinks our kitchen sinks are available in a range of prefabbed or custom-made Signature Sink styles to ensure there’s a perfect sink for every home.

Signature Kitchen Sink

Looking to maximize your sink area or pick a complimentary color? Just like our bathroom sinks we can custom make a sink to fit a size restraint or even compliment a detail in your kitchen.

sink replacement corian sahara 966 glacier whiteStandard Kitchen Sink

Whether you want a single or double bowl our prefabbed kitchen sinks come in many configurations. Mount it with a Solid Surface top for a completely integrated sink that can take even the toughest of abuse.

Seamless Sink Drain

Eliminate the metal ring around your drain with our Seamless Sink Drain. Our in house method allows us to decouple the disposal from the sink itself which means near silent operation. Never worry about a metal ring in your sink getting scratched or dingy again.

Apron Front

Using an apron front allows not only a larger sink but less stress on your back. The apron front halves the distance between the front of the counter and where a typical sink is mounted and gives your sink a farmhouse look. Make it the same color as your counter or the same color as your sink for a discrete look.

Sliding Cutting Board

With our Signature Sinks and a few of our standard options you have the option of beveling the perimeter to fit a cutting board. Rather than cut on your countertop float the cutting board over the sink so that juices and waste flow into your sink rather than your counter. When not in use your cutting board can even function as that little bit of extra counter space.

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