Solid Surface

Corian is the original Solid Surface material. Since its inception in 1967 and the subsequent expiration of their patent other manufacturers have entered the market.

Solid Surface is a naturally non-porous material meaning you will never have to seal it.

It is the only material that can be installed with coved corners and integrated shower pan eliminating the need for waterproofing and a hot mop. Because of its matte finish and consistent color, you are free to use abrasive cleansers as much as you need without risk of damaging your shower or counter.

Every brand of Solid Surface can be made into a completely seamless, integrated and non-porous shower enclosure, countertop or floor. Choosing from one of our many brands gives you an expansive collection of colors to choose from while maintaining the low-maintenance benefits of Solid Surface.

Some of the Solid Surface Brands we love to work with include:

And More


Quartz is a non-porous manmade material which has the beauty and feel of natural stone without the maintenance. Quartz is naturally a very hard material making it significantly more resistant to scratching than granite or marble, and due to it’s non-porosity you will never have to seal it.

Each of these brands of Quartz is a great choice for your kitchen or bath countertops.

Like our Solid Surface, choosing from any of our Quartz brands gives you an expansive collection of patterns and colors to choose from. Because Quartz is man-made the color is consistent from slab to slab and eliminates the chance of receiving a slab that doesn’t match.

Some of the Quartz Brands we love to work with include:

And More

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Photo of solid surface and quartz countertop material samples
Photo of solid surface kitchen countertop
Photo of solid surface countertop with embedded stove
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